Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Sumiya

Meet my new little friend Sumiya! She is five years old and lives in Bangladesh. I have just enrolled to support this precious little girl on a monthly basis through Compassion International. I have been wanting to support a child for some time now, and finally am in the place to do it. It's a simple gift each month, but gives her the chance to pay for school, clothes, food, and medical expenses. She has been waiting for over 6 months to be sponsored. When I saw her little face and thought of how she will soon find out she has a sponsor my eyes filled with tears. I don't know what kind of long term impact my monthly support will give this little one, but I know I want to do my part. My heart has always wanted to care for all the sick, abandoned, helpless babies in the world. I cannot currently open my home to all of them, but I can do this. I can give up a few Starbucks runs or random extras for my house so she can gain new opportunity. I am so excited to connect with her and see where her future takes her! Lord bless my little Sumiya!