Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear September,

I've got to make the most of you, and here is how I plan to do it. 
  • workout at least three times a week
  • organize the house more
  • spend more time with Jesus
  • eat better than I do now... (and I eat pretty well)
  • play with my daughter more
  • get through the first 3 pages of my beginner piano book
  • throw Lillian a killer 2nd birthday party
  • plan a wonderful reception to celebrate my marriage to the greatest man alive
  • learn to love well... (a life long journey)

I don't want to make more goals than I think I can keep, but I need to start somewhere. 

September, you took my hubby away for the month... I've got to find ways to make the time worthwhile. I have to rise above the stuff that hurts, and find the beauty around me. I want to love well, and that includes the hard stuff. Faith can't be formed if everything is perfect. Faith can't be produced if we don't take risks and find Jesus faithFUL. 
Even in my weakness God says I am lovely.

(Thank you Bre, for letting me steal your idea.)