Sunday, March 6, 2011


I want more. I want to be filled up. I want to pour out. I will to fulfill where I am to fulfill. 
I just want more. I want to be one of those people known for the love of God that pours out of me. But I don't want to just say it and act it out. I want to be so filled with the Spirit of God, so consumed with His affection for me, that is has no other place to go than outward and deep into the hearts of the people around me. Not one person should be counted out of being completely and fully loved. I want eyes to see "the one" who would otherwise be left alone.
Lord, give me eyes to see and speak where You so desire to minister. May my eyes be ever fixed on you, my heart be filled completely with your love, that Your Spirit pours out of me into those around me. I don't want fake affection. I don't want to love through the attitude of "It's the right thing to do." I want love to be natural. I want forgiveness to be second nature. I want my spirit fixed on you daily that I may walk out what you have in store for me.
Im ready Father. I am eager to learn and to obey. I am ready to become the woman you made me to be. To step into my inheritance as your daughter, and discover what great mystery you created me for. With arms wide open I ask you to change my heart, and cause me to be that which you created me to be. I just want you to interrupt my plans and cause my life to be adventure with you. Im ready for adventure with the Father.